Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith

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As a leader it is important to always use empathy and listen very carefully to all of your staff. Remember we need to act professional at all times in order to show the staff the level of how we want our team to run. Make sure we use our daily core values of respect and trust in order to build dependability and a stronger team. Lastly, it isn't easy to lead but what I noticed is just like in the training, leadership can be developed, and practiced for success some day for all staff members. 

I learned there are many leadership styles. I have always lead by chain of command and following orders from policy and or daily job expectaions. I am most of the time done with tasks piror to all of my colleagues. I then like to assit them in completing these goals or objcectives. This is my leasdership style, dependable and taking care of business. 


I actually am a leader and manager. I love to motivate and have staff go above and beyond for our students. I love establishing meeting guidlines and seeing the results of developing SMART goals for all team members. 


Great Training, since we work in the Medical Field we are always very sensitive on HIPPA guidelines. What is nice is that FERPA also has to do with privacy for more adminstraive measures and helps protect internal doucments. It is nice to know and discuss these private internal ducuments and realize that these strict guidelines are important for each studnets records. Great training and will use this everyday with in our Academic Department. 

It is imortant to develop trust and respect. These areas of cultures establish a solid, prodictive work enviornment. 

THere are many challenges for maintaining engagement. In the classroom I have learned with this training to assess everyday all students learning styles in order to have the best learning enviornment. All styles are needed and alos paying attention to detail for integrity in the classroom setting. 

In our on-line enviornement we as teachers should continue to use real life experiences coorelated with in the curriculum in order to engage the students better. In the end teaching accountability is important in maintaining the classroom ingegrity and molding all future healthcare students for success. 

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