Leny Ramos

Leny Ramos

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I have learned how to be flexible in case if there are some changes in conditions and goals 

I believed that Reflective technique of assessment is more useful for me because it involves reflecting back to the speaker what it is you believe they mean. It also increases our own undrstanding, and helps the speaker clarify her/his thoughts. This would improve the way I learn and work.

What I like most with the Anlalytic Rubric or scoring since it provides students with at least a rating score for each criterion, and also offers teachers enough room to provide some feddback on each criterion.

Assessment is helpful to tract the student's progress

YES, we need to identify student's learning styles using a variety of teaching techniques. Also, using diferrent strategies such as Organization, Planning, Management and Thinking. Instructors are educators and motivators.

I definitely agree with Howard Gardner to consider using a variety of techniques and tools in the classroom in order to get a full participation of the students. Like for example, group activites

Yes, we have to teach and guide students in a non-threatening manner for them to learn better

For me , the scariest age level of an adult is 60-65 and above. Some people are afraid of " DEATH ". They worried too much about what the future will be, such as : Who will take care of me when I'm not able to care for myself? and so on and so forth.

Adult learners are quite hard to manage because their minds are set for goals that they want to meet in their lives. 


Time management is what I need at home, especially on my days off. I need to get things done before the end of the day. 

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