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Using Student Needs as Learning Tools | Origin: ED108

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Learning Theory and Practice --> Using Student Needs as Learning Tools

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Review of material is always good for both teacher and students and need to be done on a regular basis.

The use of reviews should be incorporated more into the courses because it serves as an evaluation for the student, instructor and course. The reviews will allow you to make adjustments as needed and to help guide the students progress.

So many course seem to say the same thing. When doing several over a short period of time it becomes pbvious. I am getting that "Groundhog Day" feeling. Friendly, Clean, Support, Equipment Expectations etc. Four answers with three close and one should ring out above all others. The answer should be more directed to fine the answer right in the book. In the trades there is shades of grey. 

I like the idea of pretesting and would like to see it used more effectively as some students are set up to fail as they do not have the basic skills to succeed in the program.  I would like to read the research on lowering the standards of the program to meet the students needs. Maybe I miinterpreted some of the content I read but if I did not I wouLtd like to see the student be supported and educated in the area of weakness and reapply to the program at a later date.

I find reviews are excellent for the students and myself. I like to make sure everything is relevant for tests and so the students can apply it to work their environment in the near future.

Pretesting and reviews


I find that review is essential for assessing students' understanding of the content of the material.


Reviews are very helpful for the students, it can help keep them on track with their learning, if there is something they do not understand, with the review they can actually pinpoint the information they needl.

     I learned from this module the importance of understanding how learners decode and recode course content. Selecting instructional supports such as scaffolding, guided notes, graphic organizers, and mnemonics enhances student learning. There are different ways to help students retain course content, but in the end, reviewing needs to be done to evaluate if the teaching methods used were effective or if any changes need to be made. As an educator, I am constantly assessing and evaluating my teaching styles and methods. By knowing what works and what does not, I can make the adjustments to achieve my goal of being an effective instructor and helping my students retain the course content to help them complete their course.

Pretesting, review is good for students and instructors.

The two things that stand out to me from this topic is making content relevant to students so they can see how what they are learning is going to apply to their overall goal. Also the use of reviews. Reviews are important for students as it is a form of repetition and the more times they hear or see something they retain it. 


Going forward, I intend to incorporate pretesting for prerequisite knowledge and more periodic reviews to highlight important key study points. I like the idea of begiining each class with a quick quiz to assess student's previous knowledge and then at the end of class to assess new knowledge gained! 

Pretesting excellent modality I can use right away.

I have previously used content pre-tests, and I think they are useful in demonstrating to the students what they will learn over the course of the semester, however, I think a pretest based on student attitudes might be more telling, in so far as being able to determine how to reach students and show them how what they are gonig to learn during the course can be applied to their lives and help them meet their career goals.

Sometimes I forget the review step in learning and how importatnt it really is. I often used project based learning strategies and review is not something that fits in seamlessly with that.


One significant thing I will consider impementing is the use of the pre-assessment. This will allow me to anticipate what a given batch of students will be weak with and thus, what I must strengthen as an instructor.

 I like the idea of begiining each class with a quick quiz to assess student's previous knowledge and then at the end of class to assess new knowledge gained. I often used project based learning and reviews. 


There are all kinds of review methods. In fact, there are so many different uses of the review process that students often tune out when the word review is mentioned. Think about the many different ways reviews are used in teaching.


Frequent reviews as part of a formative assessment of teaching and learning keep both instructor and student on track for learning. 

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