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I learned the most from the "making immediate application" and pretest sections. Its something my delivery has lacked, and I can definitely see when my students start to zone out. The mini lectures followed by application will be easier to implement now that I have a solid foundation for my courses, and pretesting will help me fill any knowledge gaps that may be present in my courses.

Reviewing the material on a daily basis is good for both the student and instructor.   It keeps everyone on track.

Utilizing pre-tests is a great way to guage the student's position during the very beginning of a course. It also is good for the instructor to tailor course content and position themselves to spend more time on certain subject matters that the class as a whole need some more attention to, based off of the results of the pre-tests.


How can I show the students the relavancy of the course content, and how I can use review to make sure that they are understanding it.

the Importance of course content is so important and by pretesting we can have more insight of the expectations of each individual.

Making classroom content relevant to the students is crucial. If they can connect to the material and visualize how it impacts them retention is always greater. 

Reviews can be just as helpful for instructors as it is for students.  Pre testing is a way to gather information at the beginning of class 

Something always comes up in review


Students need to feel valued.

Pretesting and reviewing are two very good ways for both the student and instructors to evaluate what has or hasn't been learned.

Reviews are great tools to keep the students in the subject of the class

review and be repetitive on topics is a big task ill use to make sure everyone is understanding the topic discussed 

I dont use the term review but end of class wrap up and do a quick discussion about what did you learn/takeaways. 

I don't remember learning too much in the first encounter with new information, so it is easy to see that revisiting information for students will reinforce the learning objectives.

Using Pre testing and frequent review as a teaching tool can be very effective in any classroom.

Reviews are incredibly beneficial for students because they can help them stay on track with their learning and help them identify the knowledge they need if there is something they do not understand.

Quizzes  and reviews are great for reviewing the material but also to show why the info is relevant is also very important.

Pretesting is a necessity.

There issue of time management with some of this, it sounds nice in theory, but there practically isn't enough class time for it. 

I learned it is important to understand that different student needs require different methods of teaching.

Instructors can administer an ungraded pretest to determine the student's knowledge of prerequisite content, learning preferences, and plan for success that term.

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