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These sessions will enable the students to express their concerns if they have any, as well as ask any questions they have that they do not want to ask in the formal class setting.


Go through the tests and look for common problem areas. This will help to plan for the next few class meetings, find that 80 percent of the class does not have sufficient vocabulary understanding then need to make vocabulary a part of the course content


 Samples and models may be either commercial or instructor-developed.


Some students represent the string section and others reflect the loud noise of the percussion section. Hear each individual student while blending the entire class together to produce a beautiful sound. This beautiful sound is achieved when the class achieves its common goals.


There are a number of different mnemonic devices that you can share with your students as they learn your course content.


There are all kinds of review methods. In fact, there are so many different uses of the review process that students often tune out when the word review is mentioned. Think about the many different ways reviews are used in teaching.


Life is complicated, as is learning. Instructors need to use all of the resources available to them to maximize the learning that is going on in their classrooms and labs. By having an understanding of the multiple intelligences of your students you can create channels of delivery that will assist your students in their learning efforts.


Instructors need to have a clear understanding of what part of their curriculum is concrete in base and what part is more abstract. With this understanding lessons and activities can be created that will help the students to gain experience in using both concrete and abstract thinking.


The idea is make sure the strategy is identified and then used by the students. You are not only building the knowledge base of your students but will be giving them strategies that will help them learn the content. You will be adding learning "tools" to their mental "toolboxes." Your students will start to look for these strategies in your future lessons as well as develop strategies of their own.


 I like the idea of begiining each class with a quick quiz to assess student's previous knowledge and then at the end of class to assess new knowledge gained. I often used project based learning and reviews. 


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