Jessica Teker

Jessica Teker

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Evaluations are needed for learning and improving your course. Evaluations should come from many different methods not just a single method. 


Feedback on students work is crutial in helping them learn. Peer review feedback helps students learn from reviewing their peers and seeing how they completed the assignment and where they could have improved their own assignment. 


I learned the importance of using different website tools to create a "community" that allows for student participation in discussions. I also learned different ways to help engage the students in online learning. 


I learned that it is important to have consistency within modules so that students can locate everything they need easily, and know what is expected of them. 


I really like the idea of guided notes and grahic organizers to help the student learn important note taking skills and to help them outline the key concepts they will need to know. 


The two things that stand out to me from this topic is making content relevant to students so they can see how what they are learning is going to apply to their overall goal. Also the use of reviews. Reviews are important for students as it is a form of repetition and the more times they hear or see something they retain it. 


Learning the different ways students learn will help me as an instructor be able to deliver the content in a way students can understand and process. 


This topic was very informational, I learned that with an adult learner their working memory can sometimes be overloaded with outside stressors or activities. I learned that as instructor we need to find a way to make a learning path for these students to help they learn and retain the information we are giving to them in order for them to be sucessful. 


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