Dana Jones-Martin

Dana Jones-Martin

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Understanding that the adult brain does not reach maturation until age 25 gave me a better perspective on how adult learners process and retain information. 


I have learned the importance of how to encourage others through extrinsic and intrinsic motivations and how it contributes to the successful outcome of student education

It is exciting to know how presenting the same content in six different way help learners retain 90% of information over 30 days, leading to a more substantial building block...

Greeting the students by name helps build rapport and allows the instructor to give positive and constructive feedback. Also, it gives students the confidence to engage in the learning process.

Having a clear understanding of the student's intrinsic need will aid in the development to create the extrinsic environment for the best student success outcome. 

It was good to know I was on the right track with students disengaged and wanting to give up can be remotivated and inspired to finish the course. I will try using the five-colored...

This topic on Class Management was very informative and gave me many tools to take back to the classroom with me.
I love icebreakers. They are fun and get most any group...

I am learning the difference between asynchronous and synchronous discussion meetings to assess my students' needs better and effectively facilitate course content.


I find that review is essential for assessing students' understanding of the content of the material.


This topic gives me a better understanding of how the adult learner's brain works when processing new information.

It will help me better facilitate...

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