Cristina  Scionti

Cristina Scionti

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This module was a good review of various learning tools to helpo my students better decode and recode new infromation. I will definitely incorporare more visual diagrams and guided notes into my future lesson plans. 

Going forward, I intend to incorporate pretesting for prerequisite knowledge and more periodic reviews to highlight important key study points. I like the idea of begiining each class with a quick quiz to assess student's previous knowledge and then at the end of class to assess new knowledge gained! 

The most important takeway is from this module is that when we design lesson plans we need to consider the multiple intellignces and a student's preferred style of learning new information. It was good to review Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences and the different types of intellegence. I will definitely bring more music, rythm, group activities, and movement into my classroom! 

Wow! I rea;ly enjoyed this module on the brain, it was a good review of the brain and memory. As facilitators of learning, we must understand how the brain works and stores information as to develop academic-related activities that create episodic and semantic memories for future use in the field. 

I really like that this module focued on the key point that learning tools must match course content and teaching style. Having already launched several online courses, I could not agree more that it is essential to be organized when teaching in both asynchronous and synchronous instruction for student success! 

My biggest takeawys from this moduale are: creating a communication framework; setting clear student and instructor guidelines as far as communication; and providing clear, specific, feedback to discussion forum posts. Also, remembering that we should always be modeling good communication strategies. 

I could not agree more about the importance of setting rules and regulations around office hours and expectations of instructor response time. In the asynchronous format, students all too often also assume the instructor is available 24/7. The biggest takeaways are the importance of organization, consistency, and communication for teaching and learning effectiveness in both synchronous and asynchronous modalities. 

This module on the many technology tools available to educators and understanding the funtions of these tools and your intended purpose is so important to teaching and learning effectiveness. There are so many technology tools out there, this was a good review. 

At the end of this module, the biggest takeaways for me are: importance of multiple input and the use of multiple evaluation methods; Reviewing syllabus prior to launching course to make sure course content matches ACOTE standards; and the importance of closing the loop! 

I like the idea of incorporating peer evlauation proir to final submission of assignment. I found the information on what to include in a peer evaluation very useful. I will implement more peer evaluations in my upcoming courses! 

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