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The seven Intelligences used in Emotional Intelligence combines the understanding of the awareness of how decisions being made impacting the lives of others.

I recall very few teachers that used a variety of this methods to aid in information retention. Guided notes are great as long as the instructor at least partially uses them in quizzes or tests. Graphics such as web graphs any circular cycles were great too.
Reviewing material is very important as it can be a key learning tool for students and for teachers to gauge short coming in learning. To possibly consider review of one's lesson plans and associated concepts for comprehension.
Critical Thinking is developing the ability to be analytical by sorting through information that is available.

Critical thinking is a process of steps that helps students internalize, process, seek and develop positions and recommendations based upon their own independent judgement.

Critical thinking is paramount to learning.  One thing I tell my students all the time is that your clients or patients aren't going to give you multiple-choice options to choose from.  They're going to tell you what's wrong, and you have to be able to think critically to create an effective and safe treatment plan.

Acronyms and mnemonics can be very helpful for learning.  In addition to helping with memory and recall, it also helps make learning new material more fun.

Reviewing material is very important, but I think it's important for the instructor to avoid reviewing material directly from a test for quiz.  I've seen a lot of instructors use their test as the review material.  You want to make sure students are understanding the concepts and not just memorizing the questions for short-term regurgitation.

Understanding that stages of brain development is important for an instructor because our students are of varying ages and don't learn the same way.

Comment on troy turner's post: Spot On. The educator is a very active part of the learning process for the adult learner. Identifying the learners method of learning does involve in removing those barriers that limit the learning. Every class is a unique group that must be viewed with the question what previous skills and knowledge am I working with and what must I do to enhance this groups learning. 

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