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Take an inventory of students prior life and educational experiences to customize your educational delivery. taking an interest in a students personal life makes you better at teaching them.

There are different quadrants of the brain attributed with being more or less receptive to different learning styles. It is important to be able to speak to all different styles so people who are more dominant in one learning type can understand various concepts. Implementing games is a good way to teach abstract learners.

Malcome Knowles is the father of adult learning, he established the pillars of adult learning.

basically adult learners develope more intrinsically; need justification for an answer, and want to be able to apply learned skills quickly.

Carl Rodger is an advocate for student learning where students direct the learning process itself.

Adults optimize there learning experience around personal built in life obligations. It is important to quickly identify and accommodate for these obligations early on to retain students.

Adult learners have various motivating reasons for perusing further education and also have different skills in processing learning materials.

Creating a safe and supportive environment is an overarching theme. 

Variety is key to help the majority learn. Assessing learning types of small groups could be helpful for adapting activities. 

Knowles ideology resonates the most with me. 

Havighurst theories and age ranges seem a little outdated. 

Capacity to learn does not diminish with age. 

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