christina matias

christina matias

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I will make a point to speak to every student and have them engage with me. Take the time to fully listen to them before responding to their issues or situations. Include more class discussions to gage if every student is understanding course concepts.  

I encourage my students to volunteer at local outreach programs that provide dental services.

to make sure you do not stereotype students. To get to know them on an individual level without becoming intrusive or inappropriate with the students.

With having two ESL learners in the classroom I have grown to understand their cues if they are having difficulties with understanding concepts. I try to make sure I am respectful and patient before I continue with the lesson.

learning about intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. 

I learned that adult learners need to feel like they are being supported by their teachers. They respond to positive re-enforcements. They also, want to be heard and feel like they can express their frustration if issues arise.

It gives me useful tips to reprimand but in the most effective way possible if need be

great tips and tricks for classroom management. I've always wondered how to properly navigate the classroom. I'm glad that my teaching style was in the middle between the controller and guide method. I will definitely start using class outlines to make sure I stay on course.

I was worried about introducing myself and when to tell them a little about my background. Another aspect is how and what way to introduce couse content.

what sources do you use to keep content accurate and easy to retain

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