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How would you suggestion getting through a lot of content with minimal time?  If given 4 hours and you need to get through 4-5 chapters, as well as do an assessment or test, how can this be done effectively?

I learned that budgeting my time and breaking down lectures to 10-15 increments with lecture then case study or discussion would work best.  I should come emotionally prepared and not to cold start my lecture.  I will be in control of my class, not letting it get away from me.  

I would like to work on having notes with timing to stay on task/time.  I would like to use videos to break up lecture and provide audio and visual learning.  

I think this is unrealistic in an environment where I teach at an accelerated program.  In a prefect world, I love a lot of what was suggested; getting to know the students names and what they would like to be called.  I love the idea of putting a picture, or face to a name and the 3x5 index card of an interesting fact, what made them choose nursing, how have they been successful in the past.

I learned that I need to go through the syllabus more carefully and make sure that when I create my lesson plan that the students sign this and I retain a copy so we can refer back to the document.  It will help the student have accountability.  I also learned that it would be helpful to have a check list to make sure I address everything needed for that day.  It would also be helpful to have a note pad available to write down a to do list as things come up.  

I thought I already knew what Professional Development was.  I found that being reflective is not the priority, instead it is identifying specific training and applying timelines for accomplishment.  I can see how I use my professionalism by coming to clinical dressed appropriately, ready to interact, with all supplies.  I provide extensive feedback for work provided and am very upbeat about their experiences.  

I plan to prepare for each lecture by reading the materials and looking over the slides.  I will also review the syllabus objectives for the day.  I want to use small group work at and have them work through a case study within that group and then have it be a class review for answers.  I want to add Think Break questions to see that students are understanding the information and do it in a polling style with rationale and answer.  I would also like to provide 1 or 2 case studies that can evolve through the chapter if applicable,… >>>

I learn or it was confirmed that mid way through a course there can be a slump.  This is a time for me as an instructor to revisit my course objectives and class plan.  See am I on track?  Have I told too many stories that I am now behind?  For upcoming presentations mark where I will insert a story so I stay on track.  Ask the students to do a writing of what they have learned so far.  This will demonstrate that the there information that has been learned.  This is also confirmed when they take ATI tests after… >>>


If I am unsure or an answer to a students question I might say " thank you for participating in the discussion.  That is not something I have a clear answer to.  I would like to take the opportunity to give it more that and get back to you."  Transition to another topic but make sure you circle back either by the end of lecture or day with a response.  

I also have time management issues.  I think a good thing to do would be to have a clock within your vision so you can know how long you… >>>

I have learned I tend to address my class in a motherly fashion.  I can see where this is a problem from the first day of class.  I believe reevaluating myself and setting goals that I can work on will make be a better instructor.  I believe some of the changes I could make are:

-Preparing my course lesson plan and making it detailed, then send it out several days before day one.

-Send a details welcome announcement with expectations of course, lesson plan, and set up how things will go right off the bat would be helpful.

-Providing feedback… >>>

I am interested to know how some of my peers get to know the students and understand their needs so quickly.  Is it through an ice breaker, or discussion board to understand the previous concerns discussed?

Thank you for your insights.

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