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Meeting the Class for the First Time | Origin: ED101

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Effective Teaching Strategies --> Meeting the Class for the First Time

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too. 

It is important to learn each student by name.

It helped identified what informatioin needed for an effective teaching class

I learned that it is important for me to greet every student at the door and introudude myself first before starting any clerical stuff about the class.

Introduction of the students and yourself including nicknames and pronunciation. Students feel better about themselves and their education when an authority figure remembers their name. Create notecards if needed to help remember that information. 

In this module, I've learned the positive first impression on the first day of the class, arrive early and greet the students with a smile while entering your class.     

It is important for you to set the stage for the class, how it is run, what the students can expect.  Also, to build rapport with your class and to give them the opportunity to build rapport with eachother.  


It is important to set the standards of an open, condusive and functional classroom from the very beginning. It only takes a short amount of time to make a first impression, but much longer to change it.

The small things really matter, writing your name on the board, holding up the text in class, it really makes sense that these actions put the students at ease. It serves as a reminder on how we felt on our first day in class. 

Introductions are very important.  This helps to get to know my students better and it also creates a good learning environment.  It is also important to set expectations for student participation at the very begining.  This will help to set up a successful plan for them moving forward.


to know each student by name ask questions and tell about myself


The importance of writing your name and course name and number on the board so the students can determine if they are in the correct class.  Also, take attendance, introduce yourself, and allow students time to introduce themselves.

I personally like the ease of introducing myself and the students introducing themselves to foster mature in personal skills and know they have support. I plan on using the 3x5 index card activity for the ease of becoming acquainted to myself and their cohorts!

Introducing myself to the students and have the students introduce themselves is the perfect opportunity to break the ice and create a sense of ease in the classroom.

Be personable


Good information and I will use what I have learned.  It might seem  like common sense but there are some good pointers that I did not think of before this module.


Alleviating anxieties at the beginning of the class sets the stage for an exciting journey in the learning process.


Meeting the class for the first time, the instructor should give some background information on themselves and the expectations of the course. 

It always good to introduce yourself and tell about your experience and backround.

It's important to let students know a little bit about you so that they see you as a human being as well as their instructor.

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