Cecy Aguilar

Cecy Aguilar

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The syllabus is a key component of a course. It must be complete and dynamic in order for students to understand course objectives and expectations clearly.

modular consistency is important to online instruction as it assures that courses are reliable and consistent from one cohort to another. It also helps an instructor remain organized and simplifies the preoaration process.

Institutial policy and how they relate to online student are important. It is a great way to ensure that students are making satisfactory academic progress.

The discussion board is a great way to keep students engaged in the online environment. In addition, the discussion thread is a great way to establish a consistent "presence".

Online teaching and learning are very complex entities. One way to ensure success on both sides is to be open and communicative. Establising an open line of communication wil greatly facilitate the learning environment.

I learned that learning structure and communication are core concepts that must be mastered in order to be an effective online instructor. There are many ways to interact with students and the more willing to partake in these methods an instructor is, the more that they will be successful.

Critical thinking is a skill that must be fostered in the online learning environment.

I have learned that rubrics are a vital tool that can be used to allivieate the stress of grading.

Being prepared and having alternate plans in case technology fails is a must for successful online learning. Online learning cannot be successful without proper technology.

Active learning is imperative to student learning. Incorporating dfferent techniques to engage different learning styles is imperative to this method of teaching.

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