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Overview of Lesson Plans | Origin: ED109

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Preparing and Creating Lesson Plans --> Overview of Lesson Plans

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Lesson plans are important in giving direction, sequence an dstructure to the delivery of the course content. Learning objectives and standards will help establish what you want to accomplish. Be detailed, document all plans and stay organized!

Planning your lessons is a very important part of teaching, it will help you have a more organized material for your classes.

You should document all your classes and the plans for it, not only will it be helpful for you, but in case of the need for a substitute, if you give him your documented plans for the classes and give also your own comments and thoughts on the subject, it will make it very easy for the proffesor and it will help your students very much because they will not be losing any time. 


The lessons should be structured to show how thery tie in to one another, how the topics relate and/or affect one another.

The importance of developing detailed lesson plans, keeping them updated, and organized

Organization is essential in so many aspects of being an effective instructor. 

this lesson has given me solid TTPs for planning ad documenting lessons and plans. 

Developing rational or planning for a lesson is beneficial for the instructor and students. Lesson plans help the instructors stay in track.

I think that rationale give students a perspective of why they are learning what they are learning before they even learn it. In a way it gives the students a system of containers of how they are going to organize what they learn from you lecture. Lesson plans are also very important as they give me a sort of canvas in which to paint on in a manner of speaking so that the next time I have to draw a picture I can improve on what I already drew.

The foundation of a good purpose driven class is a well developed lesson plan that is specific, detailed and is well documentsd.

Lesson planning keeps the teacher on track to complete course goals and can also be used to review course material later in the course.

Lesson plans should include all relevant information. The most critical are the objectives and rationale, which help provide relevance for students and ensure you are teaching what they will need to know for effective future performance. They can also help you to maintain focus and emphasize the correct content. Materials and assessment strategy can help students know what they will need and what will be expected of them in terms of assessment. Procedures are particularly helpful in case of a substitute or succeeding teacher, who can easily see what content and activities to use that day to keep the learning on track. I will ensure any lesson plans I develop include each of these sections for maximum usefulness.

Lesson plans are simply a codified version of what you plan to teach and how you plan to teach incorporating variables such as time, materials, etc.   Even once established, Lesson Plans are a great contingency tool in the event someone needs to step in and take over the class for some reason.   The lesson plan provides the framework in which you were operating in and will provide a starting point.


Lessson Plans

keeping the value of having a folder of the lesson plans gives you the organizational structure you need to progress with success in the classroom. It contains all activities you need to teach the students in your classroom. It gives you the proper content to teach the course and be succesful for the students.


I appreciated the vlaue of organization.  I should keep everything in a digital folder adn easily retrievable. 


Articulating the rationale seems important for students but also as a way to focus efforts and streamline teaching for educators. It also allows someone else the ability to support your objectives by contributing whatever they might be able to offer that you don't/ can't.


All things move from order to chaos, including materials and lessons. Having them well organaized, edited, and updated can save time and improve the overall experience.

It is important to prepare detailed lesson plans and keep them in a folder. As your carreer progresses, you should fine tune your lesson plans. Keeping your lesson plans in one folder is also a good idea in case you need to have somebody cover your course. They will know ehere to find your lessons.

Lesson plans are critical to stay on topic and give a structured consistent approach to learning.

Always keep your lesson plans.


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