Norma Perez

Norma Perez

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I believe in giveing students a variety of choices in how to accomplish assignments.  As it was stated, individual or as a group, it gives the student full atonomy of how an assignment or presentation is presented.


I agree with the quote "Purposeful Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance".  Lessons plans need to always be engaging to keep students active.


I strongly believe in building a strong rapport with your students.  It them gain trust in you as an instructor and are more pron to follow instruction to any activity or procedure being tought.


First impressions is key.  Not only should the atmosphere be inviting but students need to feel welcomed.  Greeting students at the beginnig of class allows you to get to know your students and help ease their anxiety.


I enjoy greeting students as they come in.  I have already seen their transcripts and know their grades and attendance issues.  I have read notes written by other insturctors and have an idea of the type of student that is coming in.  I believe in a clean slate.  Each new class is a new start.  By having prepared in advance with a syllabus and to do list, it gives my students the structure and expectations for the class.


Teach by example.  Be professional at all times.


Observing your students and then using the diffierent methods to see which method better benefits your students.


Staying orgaized is key.  Lesson plans can be utilized again when teaching that same subject at a different time and can be updated as new study material emerges.


I strongly believe in pretest to determine at what level of knowledge of content do the students have.  I can then adjust my content or style of presentation accordingly.


Our institution uses an automatic grading system, which makes it easier on the instructors and the students have their grades available at all times.  We are still able to manually alter grades if needed to deduct points for late assignments or extra credit.  Thought the software makes grading easier, class management and evaluations are still at the discretion of the instuctor.


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