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Validity & Reliability


I found it interesting looking at the concepts of Validity and Reliability. You can complete research that is Reliable without being Valid, but you cannot have Validity without the research being Reliable. As Dr Roberta Heale shared in her article, (Validity and Reliability in quantitative studies, Evidence Based Nursing July 2015| volume 18| number 3) An effective example of validity and reliability is an alarm clock that rings at 7:00am each morning, but is set for 6:30am. It is very reliable (it consistently rings the same time each day), but is not valid (it is not ringing at the desired time). Its important to consider the data collection tools that are being used, when showing/proving that validity and reliability is present.

Dr Roberta Heale, School of Nursing, Laurentian University, Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Validity and reliability in quantitative studies. Evidence Based Nursing July 2015| volume 18| number 3

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