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My career in higher eduaction has seen me as an instructor, Academic Dean and Athletic Director.  I have conducted classes as face/face, hybrid, and online.
I have developed programs for anger management for the courts.I belong to the American Psychological Association, Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA)
and the American Association of Adjunct Educators. I was the Producer of a film that won Best Documentary at the Beverly Hills Film Festivale. It covered an area
of Human Sexuality. Appeared in a second documentary "Shame on You". I have co-hosted a live TV program regarding Community Mental Health and a similar radio program. 


I like the way this laid out. It shows ways to interact with the student, how to improve communication ans commitment. I have a lead in discussion. I am going to direct more of what to look for.


I am going to utilize social media. Mayb e Facebook will be the first.

William  Myers


Communication is a scary thing for many students. Combine this with a student that is an extovert or an introvert. Who do you believe will communicate the best? Students do not want to sound dumb or uneducated or uninformed. A student with lowers grades are relucent to interact. 


I use part of a session on Time Management and Procrastination. TED Talks has one chat that is on procrastination and the  Instant Gratification Monkey. I make this available to my students. The serious subject is presented in a humorous and educational way. After all, do we not all want to talk with Justin Bevers's mom?


This shows the interaction between education and social media. For many of the "traditional" instructors, this is going into a world that is new and a mystery.



I found this section to be informative and educational. I am sure my students will benefit from my education reagring the rubric. 

I have used vaious types of grading rubrics. Some have been general while others have been quite involved. I have seen ones that use a narrative to the student and others that was a check off. Each has its pros and cons. Most rubrics are prepared by the university with no input/changes allowed ny the instructor.


I agree with Jessica. This is a point that is even expressed online for younger students. They are on ZOOM and one child is sitting and eating a bowl of cereal. The teacher asked if that was allowed in the school. The point is to make this an area they recognize. The behavior in the schools that are appropriate and not may also be used online.


This has been a very informative section that will enhance my classes and allow more student participation.

Bogging can be very beneficial to an online class. I appreciate the two rubrics to see the development of the students.


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