Warren Washington

Warren Washington

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I learned the importance of proper and timely communication with Online students

I learned about learning objectives and chuncking

This was a very informative section on learning disabilities.

I found that to improve my class presentations and lectures would be to videotape myself. Great approach!

I learned that an effective way to get feedback on my classroom presentations is to review a videotape of myself. Great approach!!


This module has been very informative. I learned that it is important for the student learner to have enhanced instructional content from the instructor. Some common delivery methods to look at are:

1. E-text

2. textbooks

3. Streaming video

4. Podcasts

5. Electronic exams in the LMS

6. Threaded discussions


I have learned some very important items about Online instruction. I learned that a pattern of learning is very important in Online instruction. A pattern of learning includes:

1. Learning Outcomes

2. Communication

3. Centralized Learning

4. Content delivery

5. Qustions and answers

6. Assignment submission

Frequent between the instructor and the student is very important in any Online instruction.


I learned a lot of valuable information. I learned that there are many different types of technology tools and instructor can use. Tools like:

1. Blogs

2. Learning Management Systems

3. Screen Capture

4. Virtual Classrooms

5. Wikis

I also learned that the instructor must use to appropriate technology tools to have effective instruction.


This was a very informative segment. I learned that having students use real-time technology in the classroom can motivate students in the class.

I also learned that problem-based learning" is very important in an Online environment. Problem-based learning has the following components:

1. Students solve problems

2. Not necessarily one answer

3. Every learning path is valid

4. Seamless instruction

5. There are learning ideas

6. Assessment needs more than just summative tests.


I have learned a lot in this segment. There are important terms in the Online environment and I like the following:

1. Time Management - in that students must be able to navigate through this to be successful

2. The instructor should be like a movie director taking control and guiding the learning process.

I laso learned several low risk stratigies to engage and involve the Online students:

1. Provide course relevance

2. Use inspirational notes

3. Give students clear boundaries

4. Set student parameters

5. Use vivid examples

6. Provide good feedback and timely feedback


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