Hollie Whiting

About me

I'm Hollie, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at Northern Illinois University. I worked as a medical Technologist in hospitals and doctors' offices in the far west suburbs of Chicago. My teaching skills developed into a combined passion as I trained new employees and interpreted medical jargon to patients for their understanding of of complicated diseases. When the first of my three children attended school, I volunteered in the classroom. I joined and chaired many district and school organizations and committees. I published a manual for volunteers teaching art appreciation. When my last child entered school, I obtained my Master's in Education from National Louis University and became a middle school science teacher in West Chicago. During this time, my husband and i started and operated a chain of retail businesses. We sold out to start a deli

We moved to Arizona, I represented a tribal government in the public school system, became a program director of a medical career program at a vocational high school, developed college courses, and trained, mentor, and develop faculty at several universities. We also invested and operated a coffee shop and I obtained my real estate license. The college courses I have taught include biology, psychology, healthcare, medical, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, environmental sciences, world cultures, art history, and all education preparing people to become master teachers including supervising student teachers. My passion is to teach college success courses including Critical Thinking, Strategies for Success, Mindfulness, which include strategies on how to be a financial success, academically, personal, and professional success. Some of the strategies besides critical thinking contain time management skills, goal setting, motivating skills, self-actualization skills, persistence, overcoming loneliness, and taking charge of your life.

I graduated October 2016 at the age of 63 with my doctorate in Organizational Leadership studying Behavioral Epigenetics and Leadership Effectiveness. Also, I obtained my post grad certification to teach Mindfulness to adults from Duke University, and more post graduate work in the Science of Meditation from Harvard. It is the science of how every one of your thoughts, behaviors, and actions is a bio-chemical-physical reaction to your internal (cellular) and external environments. In simple words, You are in control of You, Genes are not your destiny, your decisions are.

In my spare time, I spend creating courses and research for mindfulness and epigenetics. My first love is to spend quality time with my family and friends. My hobbies are to find humor in all of life and to be a life-long learner. I enjoy hiking, dancing, gardening, and rock collecting. I really do not enjoy chores unless I have good music, sing, or companionship is involved. 

constructive learning | New file by Hollie Whiting

This paper describes the ways in which social constructivist learning was fostered in an online teacher education program. In fall, 2010 we launched an online Masters of Education (M.Ed) and in spring...