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The Introvert

Is there such a thing as "too late" when helping graduates find their career? In the past few months, I have been trying to build a professional relationship with a Business student (now graduate) who is very shy. This student never spoke in class or participated in group activities. I tried speaking with past instructors on the student's previous performances in class. Same thing but the student was never mentioned in any meetings or brought to the attention on the Academic Dean or myself. The student graduated in December with their Business degree. 

Now, I have a business graduate with limited communication skills, no work history, no motivation to find employment, and no form of transportation/driving license. Upon graduation, I have been trying to talk the student in meeting with me to create a career plan, but with no luck. 

My question: "Is there such a thing as "un-placeable?" 

You are to be applauded for your efforts with this student. Given his limitations, I'm wondering if he needs social services and counseling that are beyond an instructor's purview.

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