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I have been teaching professionally since the beginning of 2009, but really I have been teaching in one form or another my entire life.  I try to get my students to realize that they are teachers as well as students.  I try to get them to realize that in some things, they are the expert and they can use that to enhance their learning experience. Life experiences can help you to reach out to others in a very meaningful way.  Those experiences can, if you let them, make you into a stronger and better person that can then help others pull themselves up when they can't see a way out of their situation.


learning, crafting, laughing, and having fun.


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Do some of you feel that your career college has failed you (wholly or partially) when it comes to preparing you to teach with the new technological tools out there?  (iPads, Surface tablets, or laptops) Or is it a lack of communication skills to disseminate information to the masses on the training needed to use the technology being offered up in the modern classrooms?  

I like technology, at least I say I do, until someone wants me to use it in place of actually teaching material that I believe needs more of the personal touch.  Technology in the classroom can be a huge hit or a total flop.  It can hinge on the person using it and why they are using it.  Our school went to the iPad and Apple TV and sometimes I love it and sometimes if I could throw it out the window, I would.  I have a love/hate relationship at times with the iPad.  I realize that technology in the… >>>

I enjoyed reading and learning about how I am a subject matter expert and that I am becoming an even-better instructional delivery expert.  Although I do not have any direct imput on the content of the syllabus, it is nice to have an understanding of the process of developing one.  I also took from this course some ways to deal with challenging students, especially ones that are unprepared.  There have been times that students thought I was just being the "mean" teacher because I wouldn't relax the deadlines that were in place.  I have in the past, stretched deadlines for… >>>

Just one of the fantastic videos that Khan Academy has uploaded to their channel.

This is a YouTube channel that has some of the most awesome videos that explain complicated medical systems.  For the most part, the author is hand drawing and labeling while explaining the human anatomy in language any student can understand.  I highly recommend it. 

I found that I have incorporated some of the ideas from this course without knowing why I was doing that.  I do feel that it helped me understand some of my challenging students and it really did give me some pointers on how to interact differently than before to see if a different aproach would work better. Jean

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I couldn't agree with you more Kimberly.  Being an instructor does not mean you know everything about the subject you are teaching.  I cannot tell you how many times a student will bring up a question that I don't have the answer for and it challenges me to keep up with all the new information that is constantly being disseminated, especially in my field of medicine. I tell my students all the time that I don't know everything, because there is just too much to know, but together we will find out.  I encourage them to understand that I will be… >>>

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I have a question concerning the answer for #15 on the final quiz. Would I be able to discuss this with you? Thanks.

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