Bryce Dodd

Bryce DoddCHEP

Location: phoenix az

About me

I am a Motorcycle Instructor at the Phoenix campus of Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. I teach chassis and suspension, vehicle maintenance and am a qualified Factory Authorized Suzuki Training Instructor.


motorcycles, mini trucks, offroad vehicles, guns and shooting, fishing etc.


i have been a factory trained motorcycle technician for the past 12 years


Stress at work is terrible so I always try to reduces  stress usually by walk! Excersing is an excitig way to walk away the stress!

Although electronic gaming can be effective it seems to me after completing EL115 that it can be tough to implement into a course of study.

I think we could change the world if everyone stepped up and put in the extra effort.

Also what would happen if we stopped caring?

It seems tough these days with all the red tape it's hard to show those we teach that we care. What are some ways that you as a person show you care for others around you?

What does the future hold? We are the educators of the people of America and in order to have an awesome future we must push past the thresholds of the norm!

a short letter to everyone especially the future of america

Has great articles on new products and technical instruction.

I agree the future has brought a lot of people with faces burried in tablets and smart phones. it can be tough to motivate somebody who is already engaged elswhere.

Discussion Comment
I think that we can make the students understand the subject material, but how can we ensure subject retintion?

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