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Soft skills

In employment as diverse as teaching, which requires interacting with people from more backgrounds and walks of life than many of us had any idea existed, focusing on the soft skills of dealing with people is integral. As with critical thinking, this course helped us focus on what we have seen and probably used in the past (whether we realized it or not) so that we can carry it through to the future, where it's sure to develop. This is very important, especially on the first day of class, when we rely on certain soft skills to make a first impression. That's where we let students know that wherever they came from or what they've done, we're here to make sure they end up with something special and useful!

Jason, I agree with you 100 percent.  In my years working with schools, I can't tell you how important it is for students to learn about soft skills.  Many times they graduate with great skills but many lack the necessary soft skills to survive in the workforce.

Soft skills are very important as instructors to communicate and relate to our students. It is harder to teach that importance of soft skills to our students. Students are so focused on how to do something, that they over look that they have to be able to relate and work with others. It's like pulling teeth to get students to come out of their world of me, me ,me and see that it is important to work with others and relate to others inside and outside the classroom. Once students see the importance of soft skills as well as the hard skills that's when the magic begins and see their work improve as they interact with each other.


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