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What do you think of the path of technology in the school environment?

I think technology is a great tool but cant replace the value of in person teaching.

As important as it is to maintain technological advancements in education for the age of digital natives, the benefits of many traditional educational methods are simply irreplaceable.

I agree, and have seen some new instructors who are not prepared becuase they feel the pre selected electronic resources are enough. They augment but do not replace the faculty experience in a given trade or profession. The have great value in assisting those students who are kinesthetic  or visual learners, but it is the faculty sometimes that must assist the individual student to discover how best to use the many resources that are available per course. 

Something I have been pondering lately is the fact that a person with a Masters or PhD spends less time with a lot of technical application and in general does not respond as quickly in a hands on training environment as a person with less education but more work experience.

The next interesting thing I'm noticing is when you are looking for the job it only requires in most places a bachelors degree, but when you search for the teaching job it requires a masters degree or higher.  The interesting fact I notice is that most of those jobs as well do not ask for more than 3-5 years experience in the field if that.

The technology game is all around us and if we expect inexperienced instructors to be the ones to hold the torch and lead young students down a path that is to train them...then we are lying to ourselves about how the student values that training.


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