Joseph Bargdill

Joseph Bargdill

Location: dayton, ohio

About me

My name is Joseph Bargdill.  I have been teaching at a media college for the last decade.  Currently my career has taken more of an academic turn rather than being in the field.  I enjoy teaching others the very career I fell in love with 20 years ago.  My education continues and I wish to keep up-to-date in the field with many client productions that I take my students out on the job.  They are put to work and recieve internship hours for such participation.  It is the perfect scenario for me to watch them grow in.


motion picture, photography, commercial production, and telling stories.


advanced media skills in software, i.t., advertising & marketing for my college


We can see how technology is constantly changing pattersn in the classroom.  But is it wise to just change whenever there is a new method.  Evaluating the importance of the education should be considered first before just opening up a new way of teaching because we found a really cool way of applying the same message.  


The academic environment seeks out individuals with so much education verses real world application/experience.  The theory lifestyle just doesn't cut it when training young eager students.  Why do we not evaluate more from the student's perspective of how valuable the instructors experience and education are to them.

A student is very perceptive when it comes to the instructor.  They decide in the first week if they are going to sit back and just memorize everything to get through this crap or they are really going to be engaged with the content and feel like this course is going to benafit… >>>

Yes, adult learning is a huge spectrum of diversity.  It is about what is needed for future employment or ability to complete specific tasks in ones industry.  

Something I have been pondering lately is the fact that a person with a Masters or PhD spends less time with a lot of technical application and in general does not respond as quickly in a hands on training environment as a person with less education but more work experience.

The next interesting thing I'm noticing is when you are looking for the job it only requires in most places a bachelors degree, but when you search for the teaching job it requires a masters degree or higher.  The interesting fact I notice is that most of those jobs as… >>>

These slide speaks a lot about why we are here...teaching.  Its not just a way to make a living, its changing lives.


This has helped me adapting lesson plans to certain students with different ways of learning.


here is an interesting site about multiple ways of learning based off experiences


changing minds is difficult especially if an entire classroom is negative and not recieving of the lesson plans.  Finding a way they learn I have found...makes all the difference.  Usually a person will block the learning process because their entire life they feel up to this point it is not worth their time.  This can be found in adult learning more than in younger generation.  I notice older adults more distracting when it comes to material they are not willing to participate in.  They best way is to find out how they interact with the world through dialogue.  Conversation and… >>>

Learning student names was very difficult for me, but I would tell them on day one that I am not good with names.  I would give myself two weeks and not reference the names until I was lecturing.  I started using the students name inside my lecture using them as examples.  That gave me a couple weeks to learn the names and associate it with their faces, I also got to impress them with my memory recall after announcing i'm not good with names, and it also is good as an attention grabber if  I see somebody texting and use… >>>

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