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I think technology is a great tool but cant replace the value of in person teaching.

You encourage them and try your best to creatively teach the student.

Check out Khan Academy or recommend it to any of your students as a learning tool.

A great sourcer of online education thats offered online for free that you can give to your students is http://www.khanacademy.com

This is a Diagram of the bone structure of the Human Head

An online learning resource. Free

I agree

This was my first exposure to on line teaching, the course was informative and well put together. I felt overwhelmed because I wanted to see how much more can this course teach me all at one time. I feel that computer technology is moving to fast for me, by the time I become fascinated to learn a new softeware a new change is being implemented.

I am uncomfortable using technology in front of class and always ask for assistance getting started. Should I have a cheat sheet for all the different technology devices we have?
As I was going through this module, I felt excited to learn about the many different games our classes can play. I will put them into teams and do a championship also.

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