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Three down, learning much higher!

Through the three courses I have taken, I have learned a great deal about how small adjustments in an individual's teaching style can end up making a huge difference in the effectiveness of an instructor. I have used the "floating" technique in my teaching styles, but not to the extent that this lesson says it should be used. Other small things can make a large difference

I have learned quite a bit in todays course I took. It is interesting to see how the different generations are learning, what there focus is on and how to maintain their interest. I will certainly try to include some of the new strategies I learned today e.g. dividing the class in small groups and providing them with a topic to research on the internet while using their critical thinking skills.  

I find most of these courses not only informational- but as a positive reinforcement for what I do in the classroom. It is refreshing to see my classroom management work- and then get positive concurance as to why it was successful. On issues that may not have been as successful as I would have preferred, I now have options

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