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I now have a great activity to use when introducing charting and the interview process. The others I will sprinkle throughout various classes, especially the thinking activity.

i realized that i have been guilty of gender jokes and will refocus my efforts to be more inclusive and not marginalize for the "laugh."


All students need to be held accountable for their actions.  As an educator, we need to be fair and also be consistant.  Making an example of one student over others does not make us consistant and will probably lead to more behavoir problems.

i am not very tech savvy.  Any suggestions for the apps in reading, note taking and others to help students?


In the first module I have learned that learning disablities are not outgrown. While it is implied that students get all the help they need in lower levels of education, I have experienced that not to be true.  I will try to find ways to help students become aware of the possiblities of learning blocks, and try to find ways to get them the help they need to be successful in the post secondary level of education. 


Providing for students with learning challenges willl help all students comprehend. Many students with learning "disablities" are of average or above average intellegence. Finding new ways to reach one student will help you reach others.   Not every student with a learning disability will know they have one.  exploring new ways to facilitate comprehension will help the class as a whole!

THis final module has taught me to rethink class discussions/ group projects and role playing by making them a graded activity rather than a teaching activity.  This will take some thought, but using a check list will allow the grading to go smoothly and quickly while letting the learner know they will benefit from not just "phoning" it in. 

I plan tofind ways to get the verbs support, compare/contrast and distiguish into my objectives.  I also hope toget students on board with the lower end of the taxonomy pyramid so they have a clearer idea of where we are going.  This sections also inspires me to go back to the drawing board to get students to design yet not necessarily implement massage sessions in class for discussion and critique. 

viewed this course after giving a lecture that i redesigned on the spur of the moment.  I noticed that I did incoporate outlineing and topic pts, but problably used 8 or 9, instead of 4.  Am giving the same lecture in 1/2 hour, will work to limit points/topics to more manageable chunks.  am planning on video taping lectures soon, boy am I nervous.  I'm sure i have a few tics to work out.  I do manage to walk around the class and have never liked to stand behind a podium for long.  will be alert and aware of the fidgeting… >>>

This is a good piggy back class to ed 103.  I began using wait times and redirections as a part of that class.  It still takes practice though.  during the lectures I have incorporated this style of questioning, i have had very good outcomes, and students are energized when they leave class (which is often at 10 pm.)  I am planning on asking my assistants to track my questions over the next two weeks to see how  often I am using open or closed ended questions.  I would assume that in some classes, with beginners, i use more closed.  Will… >>>

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