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I will definatly impliment these stratagies in futer team projects.


I have found class sizes of 10-20 stydents are more likely to participate in discussions.


I have found a good way to connect with students is to incorperate my personal work experience as well as the students  with the course material and address student by their first name.   


The implimentation of threaded discussions in the online environment gives the instructor and student to receove feedback. 


Having an organized approch to the course objectives and accepting student feedback and the willingness to refocus those objectives in order to better qacheive positive outcomes are key to the success of the course.


Feedback from students as to the effectiveness of your teaching style is necessary to acheive a positive outcome.

Receiving student feedback and adjusting your presentation techniques promote better understanding for the students 


Reply to Robert Lawrence's post:I agree, over the years I have learned to adapt my delivery methd and ineraction with students depending on demographics,class size, etc. Be flexable but maintain the objective.

On line threaded discussions an in person hands on activities and discussions improve understanding of the subject at hand.

Direct feedback and assessment between student and instructor will improve overall knowlwdge


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