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Additional Customer Service Insights | Origin: RT105

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Raising the Bar to 'First-Class' Customer Service --> Additional Customer Service Insights

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Going above average, creating a personal value for the specific customer, and prepapre for the customer service success. 

I found this topic helpful for ways to improve our customer service. 

Looking at the mystery shopper outcomes it was interesting to learn areas of improvement. I think one of the big take away is making sure when assisting our students they have our full attention, no answering other calls, letting student know they are the priority in that moment. 

When soliciting and implementing customer service improvement suggestions from front line employees, don't forget the critical step of acknowledging their input and reporting back on how processes may have improved as a direct result of their feedback. 


Building a customer service strategy will raise the bar.

It's important to have customer service strategies in place in order to provide the best customer service to our prospective students. 

By building and implementing customer service strategies, you can improve your customer service throughout the company. By implementing a united customer service training in the company, you can ensure that everyone can at least provide consistent customer service or be retrained on it if needed.

Need to improve customer service.  Top-Down for the future of the company. Customers our Students are the reason we are there.


Taking criticism and using that to build your company to be even stronger is what makes a good company into a great company. 


You need a plan and share it with your staff to be successful

You need to always make sure you and your staff are on the same page when it comes to having expectations and values. Holding meetings and/or groups to discuss improving processes is also important.


It is important to communicate your customer service strategy to your entire organization. This can be done through a campus-wide meeting or task teams. It is important to keep the meeting relatively concise and foucus on one or two main strategies. 


I will continue to support and train my team on customer service.  It would be helfpul if all department teams were provided the same information on college goals, especially customer service, so I will continue to encourage that initiative with administration. 

I've learned to always communicate and implement ideas in the institution to strive and prioritize excellence in customer service. Good experiences comes with good results and a better future for everyone. 


Everyone at school has to be on board, receptionist, admissions, FA and Career Services.  The instructors and Campus director have to be nice too!


Communication is key from the Top of the company down.  When everyone is one the same page and support one another then everyone will succeed.  I think they made a great point about realizing that customer service is ever changing and you need to change with it and be open to re-evaluating processes to find ways of improvement.  That way you can go above and byond for the customer.

Creating personal value is the key to good customer service. 


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