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Creating Value for Your Customer | Origin: RT105

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Raising the Bar to 'First-Class' Customer Service --> Creating Value for Your Customer

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Having good customer service can benefit the company as a whole. It could benefit future employers, students, and community all together. 

Without our students, we would be out of the job. These students deserve our best customer service! 

Our students are our customers and without them our university would not exist. treating our students with first class customer service is the expectation 

When hearing students talk about their positive educational journeys at graduation, they always, always talk about how welcome they felt from their first interaction, first impressions definitely matter! 


Our students are our best customers and will always be. If we are great they will pass it on!

Students = Customers

Good custmer service is a plus for any company.

In order to build/maintain a relationship with our prospective students, we must show them excellent customer service. 

By provividing excellent customer service, adopting a friendly/welcoming manner, and taking our students needs into consideration, we will build our business's reputation to be a well respected and good place to attend. Happy students + happy, helpful employees= good business and repuation.

It is important to manage how your customers or students are interacting with your business. You need to ensure that every way that students can come in contact with students is organized, and that students are always met with a good attitude and in a professional matter.


We will ensure that students are greeted promp via phone/email and have an excellent experience with program faculty/ staff.


You should always be improving the way your school or company conducts themselves and it is very important to set a standard when it comes to first impressions or the first time you are interacting with a prespective student or consumer.


To create value for a customer, you have to provide them with a positive experience. This can be done by making thier experience as seamless and comfortable as possible. Having adequate signage, friendly faces to direct them and creating positive touches right off the bat can generate a positive experience for the student.

All employees can be the face of an institution so it is important that administration foster a positivity energy that staff can share throughout daily interataction with students.   First impressions are key to moving forward and retaining.  

First impressions and personal connections means a lot to students because they will be spending a lot of time at the school. They would want to feel safe and supported. With the positive support and experience, they will leave the school with good memories and will want to recommend our school to others. It's a win win for everyone! 


Customers are everything and your external customers definitely can be a make or break since good news travels fast, but bad news travel faster.  That is why it is important to make sure that every touchpoint experience is a positive one and will reflect well on the insitution.  Marketing is ever evolving so it is important too that your touchpoints are up to date and that your customer service is amazing.

Positve experiences on the part of the customer will want them to return. 



First impression if key. Customer focus is key. A welcoming smile and answering questions right away is key. 

The perception of our institution goes far beyond just pleasing the students. It is important to make sure anyone who engages with our company, whether physically, electronically, or over the phone, is met with gratifying results and a positive attitude. 

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