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It is our job to make sure that every detail to the student is accurate and transparent.  The University depends on it.

I've learned it is important to be as transparent and factual with the students, so as to cultivate the culture of compliance in the school and on behalf of all students education.

It is our responsiblity to be ensure the information is factual. Noncompliance can alter a students career goals and damage their trust for the school. 


this really hit home...iven the possible consequences of noncompliance and student complaints, the true loss is the possibility that students will never again regain their trust in the school or muster the commitment needed to change their lives.  

It is crucial that we be transparent and truthful with students as respresenatives of the school. 

our students depend on us to be truthful and transparent for them to be successful now and in the future

Part of fostering confidence in our school involves transparency and factual representation. Otherwise there can be negative consequences

No matter the intend, if we do not remember to, "do the right thing for the right reasons"; the student or individuals will ultimately be the one impacted the most. If we loss trust then there is no transparency. 

Noncompliance could jeopardise the student's future as well as the school success.

Avoiding noncompliance rests with each staff member.  As an instructor we are to be honest, forth-coming, and transparent with all students during enrollment, academic process, etc.


Sometimes student seek you out to vent about things they disagree with that are happening in other departments, it's vital to make sure they follow the "chain of command" when they need to seek redress, you don't want to unintentionally misrepresent to the student, especially if you don't have all the facts.

IT is important to gather all facts before making any type of judgement call. As a teacher, it is our responsibility to be familiar with the rules and regualtions of all governing bodies to make informed, wel thought and compliant decision for the student's academic progress and possible future life decisions. It is important be to be transparent and give informaiton that is factual and can be proven.

If the student looses trust in us they lose faith in us. this will result in withdrawl and failure to provide the student with the educaton they deserve

I do not want to misinform or have a bad rapport with my students. They need our trust and constant confidence with them. Lack of comminication can have our students overwhelmed. I want to bring secureness to the class. Without it our students could feel the lack of trust in us and confidence in themselves. I will do everything to ensure they have the education they need to avoid any of this


Be truthful and honest. Misinformation and noncompliancy can and will likely have severe consequences.

Keeping compliant means and shows I "care" about those I serve everyday. 


As educators we always should be transparent and factual.  Losing trust and confidence from students can have severe consequences.  

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Student trust is lost by non compliance and misreprresentation



The schools that are non compliat Give trade schools a bad name.