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Autumn Lopez

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It's important to take annual admissions training to stay up to date and compliant.

It's important to understand your institution so you can accurately inform prospective students.

It is important to be transparent and give accurate information. 

I love taking this course every year. 

Attend meetings regularly to stay up to date on your institution. 


It's important to gather information from various sources (school catalog, sitting in on classes, talking to administration) to have thourough understanding of your school's program(s). 


No matte how familiar you become with the enrollment process, a checklist is the best way to ensure everything is complete.


Annual Admissions training keeps admissions representatives up to date on regulations.


Understand everything in the enrollment agreement so you can explain things, such as the refund policy, in a clear and concise way.

Prospect students are contemplating life-altering decisions and they rely on us to give them accurate information and realistic expectations. 

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