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Admissions Compliance for Postsecondary Schools in Florida --> The Admissions Process and Paperwork

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I learned the importance of having a check list before the interview. How to do paperwork and its importance and to be clear and precise with the information to be provided to the lead.

I have learned that the Enrollment Agreement is key to have it completely filled out.  The Enrollment Agreement needs to be read and explained thoroughly to all prospective students.

This module was just a refresher for me but definitely one to place things in a manner that it follows my institutions Admission Process.

From this module I understand how to apply the admissions policy of my university and as to operate ad admissions officer. In particular I learnt about the advertising process, the admissions procedures, how to treat and talk with the students and the main items needed to be included in the student enrollment agreement  

From this Module I learned the importance of familurizing yourself with the documents you send out to your students as well as the importance of being able to share that information with the students enrolling in your progam. Each institue has a set of qualifications to follow in regards to what to with the paperwork and what your enrollment agreement says. 

Be sure to understand all admission requirments and keep a checklist to stay organized. 

It is vital to understand the admissions requirements and policies before meeting with prospective students. You should always ask your supervisor questions if you are ever unsure of something.

Institutions have exact ways to file paperwork that employees must adhere to.


Know the requirements for admissions at our college, know the commission rules and regulations, make sure you understand the Enrollment Agreement, understand how a student can pay for school and the importance of safe record keeping. 


I have the learned that it is important fo fpllow my Intitutions admissions requirements and process.

I have learned that there is a lot of paperwork and having it organized is the most important. It is also important to make sure the student understands all the information given to him.

I have learned that proper training of the admissions staff is important but it is the law!  Violaters cause many problems that usually result in major issues with the students, staff and school.

The importance of becoming very streamlined and organized.


I have lea4rned that is important that we need to be honest and trasparent with the students.

I undertand the important to understand the type of tuition assistance that is available to your students.

The importance of keeping all files organized and follow all fair consumer practices when providing information about tuition, enrollment agreement and admissions requirements.

We must ensure that we are following fair consumer practices. Correct documentation is the key to successfully admitting a student into the institution. 

preparing prospect applicant file to maintain consistency and organization. 

The information obtained in this module leads me to introspect about the impact of my work on admissions to the other service areas or to the student. Finally, it is a team effort.