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Powerful Telephone Techniques --> Voicemails That Get Results

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have to improve the way of leaving messages, I don't really use the technique of leaving messages, I prefer to insist until I can be attended

One detail I appreciated was the encouragment to make calls our own -- we can follow a script, but shouldn't simply recite it. I'm sure the "practice, practice, practice" technique will help get this down.

Most students these days do not have a voice mail that is active - that is one hurdle - they seem to respond more to texting 

Based on what we are seeing now text messages are the preferred method of contact.  Students are not responding to email nor are they returning voice mail messages at a high rate.  We still attempt multiple calls, and have protocols for when and how to leave a message, but the effectiveness of this method is not like it was 5 or 10 years ago.

This is certainly a challenging obstacle with voicemails not being set up or full, with screening apps used, etc. We have to become more creative with our messaging and use mulitple platforms to find out which work best for each contact. Texting seems to be a more effective way to get responses these days. I need to be schooled on effective short speak.

My experience in sales has me tending to leave shorter voicemails. Long ones tend to push for later responses from receipients as they may need more time to listen to the message without distraction to focus on content. I also agree with most on this forum that the tendency for most nowadays is to prefer text as the preferred messaging system. 

Good knowledge of effetive techniques to leave effetive voice messages, although I consider more direct forms of communication with our target: Millenials and Centenials generations.

When leaving voicemail I need to ensure that it is clear, arouses curiousity and outlines the purpose of the message. Going forward I will plan my calls and speak with greater clarity and confidence in sharing information.


Because we generally do not respond to voicemail messages as they come in, we havent thought of using that medium as a means of advertising.  


Improve the purpose of voicemails by utilizing the 4 C's: clarity, content, creativity and confidence. Rehearse messages, eliminite fillers and make sure you exude confidence. 


My experience in sales has me tending to leave shorter voicemails.

I agree that effective messages need to command a response. I have also noticed that keeping it short and direct and truly wanting the response - yeilds results. A sense of urgency is always helpful. 

I agree to be clear with your voice mail



I learned a lot about enhancing messages and I will definitely apply some of the techniques that were taught in this modules I feel that it has helped to reinforced what i already knew and to go back to basics so that i can get better results with my calls 


I learned alot


I learned a lot on how to improve leaving voice mail messages.

Use the 4 C's including Clarity, Creativity, Content and Confidence

I will use my voice messages to help advertise opportunities for my students and potential students. 

I learned about the different technique to improve your voicemail, when leaving a message. 

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