Denise Edwards

Denise Edwards

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It is important to know what is appropriate language and conversations for Admissions to have with prospective students that are applying for financial aid assistance at the institution of their employment.

It is very important that the advertising and communications for your institution is clear and honest so that there is no confusion or misrepresentation. 

Institutions in each state are held accountable so therefore there should not be any misinformation or exaggerated information provided to prospective students about the enrolling process and the school.

This module is very informative and helpful on the correct approaches and responses to prospective students and it also explained alot of unknown information in regards to consumer awareness and the DNC registry.


In this module we learned the importance of the resources and how they influence our institution and the service that we provide.

During the module I learned a great deal about the role that advertising and marketing assists the admissions process and influence. The importance of branding and representation for an institution of higher learning. 

I have learned that the Admissions role is very influential, and it is important that in this role that we keep our resources and information up to date and accurate for the potential students. 

I learn by observing and working with others. It is very easy for me to utilize skills effectively for the betterment of the goal or the purpose. I learn best when I am allowed to creatively think and work and try new things that are effective to the issue or problem to provide a resolution.

Compliance is important in any organization to ensure employees are informed and accountable in their everyday practices and interactions.

Helping students find resources for their challenges will help them be successfully enroll and prepare for college.

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