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It is important to have a plan, you may get behind or ahead on certain days, but with a plan you know everything will be covered.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail!”  This was a great reminder of the importance of careful planning.  I do want to explore more CTSO’s…I am somewhat familiar with DECA and BPA. 

I find that having a lesson plan laid out in advance is important because the students and parent have an advance notice of what is being taught in the classroom. 

SMART Goals is a great tool to help guide planning. I'm glad Perkins is discussed along with CTSO's.

I have found that a plan always makes things less stressful. I feel after reading this i will more efficently plan. I am definatly gonna google plan templates. 

Good planning gives the student a clear path as to what is expected.  


Reply to Paige Brooks-Jeffiers's post: I agree. I like the SMART format and can see the benefits of using this.

Curriculum maps are important in order to make sure all of your content is covered.

I started using a course map this semester, and it has helped tremendously. After this lesson, I realize that it’s okay, and encouraged, to revise the document each year. I have new things I want to add to my template, too.


I worked at a private school that treated lesson plans as an after thought. in fact, they were filled out after class, not before. I always thought they were a waste of time. And they were! A lesson plan should guide and inform your teaching and learning activities and be an important tool for meeting standards. 


The better I plan, The more prepared I feel. witch makes me more confident. 


I like using a curriculur map to ensure that the class objectives align with the national standards for our profession as well as the educational instituation's objectives. 

Yes, a plan certainly allows for proceeding through a class effectively. It certainly has helped me in this unusual Covid semester by keeping students on track while allowing them to succeed at thier own pace.

Having a plan not only gives me a clear direction but it gives the student a sense of "she really does know what she is talking about". 
When I do not plan out my class, I get a sense of major anxiety and I know my students can sense this as well. I have to plan each of my classes. However, sometimes I have a hard time coming up with appropriate active learning. I am hoping this course will help. 

I learned that lesson planning is very important - I love the idea of the flipped classroom and feel like my content would lend itself well to the students doing their readings outside of class (prior to class) and then that would allow classroom time to be spend on more active learning. I hope to learn more strategies for motivating students to complete the reading assignments ahead of time.

I find a high value in curriculum planning to lace lecture, lab, exercises, and group projects together in a way that keeps the students engaged and learning.

I learned that there are curriculum map templates. This was never mentioned to me. But, now things are beginning to come together for me and make sense.  


the Fliped classroom is something I was doing, just didn't know what it was called. I like the SMART format and look forward to trying it out during planing.

Having a map and scope of what your course will look like is not only helpful in lesson planning but ensures you will meet all the standards for the semester. I appricaited the example websites. They gave great examples of lesson plan templates.