matthew watkins

matthew watkins

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I have always had questions at the end of labs, but like the debriefing idea. I will be incorporating this in my labs for a more detailed learning experience. 

I will try adding music to the lab area 


to not use negative words

I have to take the time to remember student names.

a lot of great offensive and defensive stratagies to help. I'm glad i haven't encountered any student cheating.


I had heard making your presents known before this and it works well, from cell phone use to a conversation while you're lecturing. just walking around the room and being in their space will change their behavior. 

I need to develop an ice breaker for the beginning of class. I usually cover several aspects of the class but it's flat and boring.  I also need to better develop a process for late work rather than relying on my descretion.  

I have learned that there is more social networks outside the classroom that could be great tools for keeping students engaged. 

I wasn't aware that there are so many interactive presentation software options. I want to learn more about them and apparently I am not using Power Point to its full potential.

I learned I have been doing backwards chaining by starting with some lab assignments then going to lecture to renforce what they learned. 

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