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Board Frameworks | Origin: OP110

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Developing Effective Advisory and Governing Boards --> Board Frameworks

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

The importance of having the right, visonary members on your Advisory and Governing Boards in order to ensure the school's relevance and adapting to future challenges.

I learned about the need to engage with advisory board members on a variety of operational issues related to managing our university.  This includes curriculum content design, career placement opportunities, and promotion of our programs to the local business community.

In the past, I utilized the advisory board to assist with creating a mission, vision, review the strategic plan etc... However, I have never engaged an advisory board to assist with student persistence/ retention stragegies. I will inquire about their experience in this area as a proactive approach to maintaining student retention. 

using the advisory board to keep up to date on employment trends. 


It can be difficult at times, at least for me to get advisory board members to attend. Sometimes their schedules have many constraints. If members don't attend and participate the meeting isn't effective.


Creating a diverse Advisory Board would be beneficial. Inviting different levels within our fiel, Receptionist, Technologists, Managers etc. this could provide a variety of view points. This could give us a variety of insights as to what we need to improve and provide to our students.


I am reminded the function of the Advisory Board is an important group of colleagues that aid in molding the courses and curriculum to match the local needs of the hiring companies.

Understanding the Board is very important because if you don't know how the board works and what it does in general.  


I have learned a more structutred funtion and responsabilities of the Advisory Board which is super important for the Institution. Goverment Board and check and balance was importnat to know.


I have learned the differences between an Advisory Board and a Governing Board.  In addition, I learned the different roles for each type of Board.  I also learned the importance of an advisory board and how it can assist in improving educational institutions. 


Advisory boards provide increased perswpective to your program.


I never realized the important differences between an advisory board and a governing board. Additionally, the task of choosing the right members requires careful evaluation and selection of the most competent individuals for their defined role. I am also surprised to learn that advisory boards are limited in their legal responsibilities, while governing boards oversee the legal, finacial and mission goals related to an institution. This module has been both eye opening and thought provoking.

it will help my to understan how policies are formed and transformed into decisions and actions at the operational level. 


This has been enlightening.  It has reinforced what I need to do with our governing board and how to best utilize the members.

Within board frameworks I found it enlightening to learn the difference in governing and advisory boards. While governing is more related to the fiscal and fiduciary health of the organization, an advisory board with the proper oversight can make a valuable impact in the curricular and student retention side of an institution. Knowing the inherent difference in the two is not only important in forming boards, but also when speaking to compliance and when the organization is under review by regulatory agencies. Having insight into the framework is important for forming but also in maintaining the boards or committees long-term, as they are a commitment and take time and planning to create and maintain. 


Board of Governance as the authority to fire the CEO.


Board members provide their time voluntarily. They are not vested in the institution

A school may benefit from forming special-purpose advisory boards to assist with solving unique problems that the school's staff may not be qualified or experienced enough to resolve. 

An advisory board can focus on specific areas of need. In my case we are a technical institution that focuses on motor vehicle repair and maintenance. We are required to have a yearly advisory board meeting. What was interesting is the concept of having as advisory board with a broader scope to include things like student retention and new program evaluation.  

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