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Presentations include video platforms. This course has really opened my eyes to proper video presentations. 

It's interesting that many leaders overlook the fact that including employees in tasks and stretch assignments really prepares them for career advancement. 

I like the idea of providing seminars. I think it would be an interesting way to engage outlying students.

It is not your responsibility to solve the students problem, but rather guide them to find their own solutions. I think this helps the student build grit and problem solving skills.

We will work to help students identify their mindset and how they are dealing with the pressures of school, work, and life. Our instructors are frontline responders and who the students respect.

Retention can be impacted by all members of the campus. Look for areas and courses with high drop rates. at times there are instructors or courses that students become fearful of. make meaningful adjustments. 

I find that getting advisory board member participation can be challenging. Over the past several years we've taken an evening to have dinner and a tour connected to what we teach. our advisory board members have enjoyed this and participation is steady.

Very good guidance on organizing the board, managing the board overall, and post meeting notes / minutes. While in my case, we have annual advisory meetings, this is good insight into a governing board and how they function. 

When interviewing board members I think the approach of asking if they have the time to dedicate, and the desire to be a vested functioning member is very important. In the past, I've had program advisory members who weren't fully engaged.  

An advisory board can focus on specific areas of need. In my case we are a technical institution that focuses on motor vehicle repair and maintenance. We are required to have a yearly advisory board meeting. What was interesting is the concept of having as advisory board with a broader scope to include things like student retention and new program evaluation.  

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