Madison Gravely

Madison Gravely

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I think every encounter with each student truly does impact retention. 

Attitude is everything! When representing your university, it is important for students to enjoy your interactions. They are choosing to attend this school for various reasons-- amazing faculty and staff should be at the top of the list!


You are representing your university and need to convey a positive and professional attitude at all times, you are apart of the students' university expeience! 


As a new member joining a team, this module offered a unique perspective. I have new insight on how to be a productive team member, what role I may have on a team, and even some positive qualities to look for when joining a team. 


A successful education journey begins in admissions; admissions sets the stage for students on what to expect from their university. Choosing a university that is beneficial for the student and aligns with the university mission, is the goal. 


I learned that each person has a role with strengths and weaknesses, I never thought to look at it from this point of view. Realizing that even if your team in ineffective, something as simple as bringing in a new person could fix the dynamic.


Collaboration looks different for each individual. Learning and understanding those differences can assist in better working as a team. 

I have learned how to effectively communication wtih the different generations. When being responsible for outreach, I think it is important to keep in mind different generations have different preferences. Understanding the "why" behind this, helps you remember which platform to utilize. 


Important information in understanding how our generational differences impact our everday communication and choices. 

Active listening is very important when communicating. Engaging in the conversation makes the other party feel heard and understood. Personally, I do not enjoy engaging with those who do not activetly particpate in the conversation. 


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