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Jack Burke

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I am able to do both depending on what is needed at the time.

The focus is on what is best for the company.

Very important to Listen with your eyes. I never heard it explained that way.

Body language is so important.

It's really important to consciously and actively listen...not hear but rather listen with eyes and empathy.

Genuine listening is a gift you give to others.

Jack Burke

I have learned that both types of questions are valuable and have their place. It all depends upon the person and the circumstance and what it is you are trying to accomplish to help that person.


It's very important to let your Team know that you value them. You can accomplish this by active listening and respecting them.

Team management is powerful when each member is like minded and the element of trust is evident and real.

Having your team's best interest at heart is key...they deserve that and my job is to provide that for them.

This approach will be effective to the Team and the prosperity of the company.


Stay organized and think ahead.

I've learned the key is to build a relationship by listening to the student, asking what they are looking for and building your value proposition. Meeting the student where the student is at...and fullfill their needs.

 It's always all about the student.

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