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A good leader needs to be able to build and lead teams using the important principles taught in this course.  I have learned different methods for team collaboration and management which I will use in future team meetings.


I have learned so much about being a better team member and how i can be more productive.

I have been reminded to emphasize the unique roles and responsibilities of each member as well tofocus our team discussions on problem solving.


Building trust is essential for teams to be effective and keeping your word will go a long way.

Teamwork and collaboration are a must in teams in a workplace, communicating frequently with openness and honesty for both negative and positive, for example what works and what does not.

Comment on Anita Mork's post

And a good leader must emotional intelligence as well.

I have learned when working with diverse members of a team , you should set objectives that cover the whole of the project and make plans for bumps in the road.

Comment on Sandy Lane's post: I agree Sandy leading a team isnt easy and if one takes on that role they must have conflict managment skills

Comment on Angelia Williams's post: Yes, that is what I received fron this  lesson as well

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