Linking Relationships to Retention | Origin: EL201

I learned about the 3 stages involved in establishing and retaining connection with students.

Ive been a current student while dually being am instructor and I completely agree with what is being conveyed. I will apply these methods to jelp ensure student retention.

Retention and strong engagement is important online just like live classes. Wanting community and need for belonging online is also important.



Kendrick Kim


If the students does not feel welcome or not comfortable at the school or teacher, they most likely will nt do as well as those who has a god realtionship with the tecahers and school. I believe a student will put more effort into learning when they have a good relationship and fell supported by the school and tecaher.


It is important to build a strong working relationship with the students, making them feel that they are somebodys and not just numbers. It so also important to make sure that you get back to them is a timley manner when they have questions or need help. Giving them the feeling that they belong and are important to you, will help them want to stay involved.

goog relationships with students leads to more focus and motivated awareness of their goals.

Students approach to the learning environment varies and therefore should be approached individually by instructors.

Students approach varies and therefore we, instructors, should approach them independently

What we learned in this chapter and what I have experienced inthe last semester of online teaching went hand in hand.  Although there is always a couple of students who tend to wait till the end to try to catch up, I also made a big discovery.  most of these students seem to be eager to tell you their stories and intereact one on one.  A couple of them would be the first to sign in and the last ones to check out.  These stundents needed and wanted that one on one personal experience.

The best thing that I have learned is online students require a little communivation due to the fact that there isnt the normal on campus relationship with peers faculty and staff that facilitated communication regularly. Is also a good practice to be mindful of the perception in non verbal communication a student perceive as disinterest by faculty during lecture. This inturn will me modeled often by the student.


Great retention involves establishing good relationships between the faculty and the students.

Retention is an institutional responsibilty. It is not up to just the education department to be responsible for retention. All employees, faculty, staff and administration all need to take an active role in retention.

I think my new favorite quote, and the thing that will stick with me the most is: "Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence" – Abigail Adams, First Lady to President John Adams

Students have to be shown how the information, projects, and hard work will pay off later. This will cause them to seek out new informaiton and even more expanded knowledge with a fervor that they didn't know they possessed. If you can get them to see how it is vital for them, they are more likely to be better students.

Student retention is enhanced by strong on-going communication and relationships involving the student, instructor , and the institution. 


There are different factors that effect retention. We need to develope a good working alliance with our students. Be open and genuine and not judgemental. Be responsive.

The technical school where I work recently had to change to remote learning for a few months due to the Covid epidemic. Majority of the students who come to our school do so because a lot of what we teach is hands-on and this is how they learn best. You can imagine the struggles that we had keeping students engaged and motivated during that time. We found that finding ways to relate their material to what was going on in the community as well as doing weekly "touch points" with each individual student was helpful. Furthermore, students were more likely to follow through with assignments when discussion boards and open ended questions were asked of them. 


I have learned that there is a strong link between relationship and retention.  I also learned when physical charateristics are absent from teaching one must rely on purely relational skills to help online students.  For example: communicated back to students in a regular and timely mannner, and setting up one one one calls or virtual meetings.



Having just lost a student because of institutional failures, I feel retention needs to be a multi-layered approach.

It is important to check in with students and make sure the understand what is expected of them. You need to be available for questions. 

I learned how important is building the right relation with students as an institution where they feel appreciated will improve retention.