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Blogging | Origin: EL110

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Effective Use of Social Media in Online Courses --> Blogging

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Blogging is a great online resourse for students and teachers.


The rubric for bloging should be set up and have expectations shown so students know how they are graded.

Blogs can be used as an educational tool and may be integrated to accommodate all learners. The four basic functions include: classroom management, collaboration, discussions, and student portfolios. 

It is important to provide students with good examples of blog postings as a model representing what is expected from students prior to assessment. Blogs postings can hve the same qualities as discussion board postings. A statement of agreement or disagreement is not acceptable. Regular use, blog entries that stimulate additional blog postings, or a progress in discussion or reflection, are good criteria for blog assessment criteria.

Posting blog's great ideal, teaching responsibity, correct communication, and action vs reaction?  I hope in my courses to use these tools, identifing with the norm progressing into the future

I have learned how benificial adding social media could be to my classroom

Because I teach pharmacy I never considered using a blog.  However, this may be a good place for students to discuss case studies and deliberate solutions.

Blogs can be used for classroom management, collaboration, discussions or student portfolios. Before using them, you should carefully  consider the role of the activity and the role of the medium. Blogs may be used to develop student reading and writing skills, present persuasive arguments, brainstorm, or provide reflection, ammong other activities. As with the use of other social media, rubrics must be adjusted for the medium andn expectations and guidelilnes should be made clear to students at the outset.

I've learned theat blogs are great empowering students. Blogging gives students a sort of new voice in the ways that they can express themselves and also engage in a learning experience. 

Blogging allows the students to get deeper understanding of content. Students can express their thoughts and opionions about different topics.

Using blogging in the online course could allow an area for students to express their learning through self reflection. 

hey computer science class blogging can be used to showcase coding techniques, algorithms and problem-solving. It's also a platform for students to display their apps.

A Blog can be used as a great educational tool for students. They can express thier thoughts easier and might be more apt to ask questions or raise concerns they might not have in person.

A blog is a great tool, especially for CS. It can be used to show up knowledge and for students to document design processes.

I learned that blogging is an effective way to allow students to express themselves and be more interactive in the online arena. When purposefully used, it can make learning more effective.


I learned from the "Blogging" section different ways to utilize blogging in learning. It is also important to inform the students about the purpose of the blog, provide them with the necessary support, and share the assignment rubric and criteria. Also, I learned that blogs could be private between two and not necessarily be public. 



Blogging is a viable course assignment and supplies quality learning content for students.  It provides them a medium to reach other students and provides a method for students to view themselves as an aspiring scholar.  As instructors a quality rubric and way of grading will need to be established, the blog needs to be formally included in the class and instructors cannot simply sit back and wait for a blogging community to manifest itself.  This also adds unique and engaging assignments, which are always welcome in the online learning environment.

Blogging is a useful resource for online instructing and learning.


Bloggins is important because students can organize and protect students work. Blogs also allow students to have time to research their topics. 

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