Austin Sutton

Austin Sutton

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I've learned that I can use games or gaming to assess student knowledge.

I've learned the correct questions to pose before designing or allowing my students to participate.


I've learned that games can be judged based on their layout and design. Many factors influence the success or failure of a game or simulation.

I learned that students will be challenging even in an online environment. I also learned to produce meaningful assignments to ensure the workload is not excessive. 

I learned about the two types of meetings. Establishing proper guidelines for both of these meetings is crucial in the success of your online classroom.

I learned the importance of creating positive relationships with students on the online platform. 

I learned the basic structure of online teaching. The module provided a great check list to make sure an instructor is prepared.

I've learned theat blogs are great empowering students. Blogging gives students a sort of new voice in the ways that they can express themselves and also engage in a learning experience. 

I've learned to use microblogging more effectively. The three ways discussed here were really helpful. I can create my own content, challenge the students to create content, and also follow prominent figures in the field.

I've learned to use digital portfolios to keep track of student work. This is a great way to show student growth in the content that I teach.

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