Shawn Gannon

Shawn Gannon

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I need to start by reviewing my institution's mission statement and see how a service learning project fits within that mission statement. 

A much quicker and higher level of student involvement occurs when faculty promote service learning.


Each team member must know how he or she fits into the overall picture.

It is important to provide students with good examples of blog postings as a model representing what is expected from students prior to assessment. Blogs postings can hve the same qualities as discussion board postings. A statement of agreement or disagreement is not acceptable. Regular use, blog entries that stimulate additional blog postings, or a progress in discussion or reflection, are good criteria for blog assessment criteria.

Engaging students instead of developing a passive environment in which students simply listen to lectures and take online tests can be done by using microblobbing. As students are using microblogs, they see what other students think and compare thoughts about a topic. Microblogs can also help students focus their thoughts brcause they must be brief and to the point due to the limit on available charactors. As students' Tweeting improves, their communication will become more succinct and clear.

Media hosting and sharing sites provide an opportunity to enhance any course. Most of these sites are typically easy to access and useful. I  can make learning more interactive because these platforms serve as an essential supplement to myonline course. I can create videos to introduce or summarize course content. Students may create their own content or find videos through media hosting and sharing sites that relate to the course.

Students are changing and overhauling teaching methods by using social media applications is a great way to engage students in a familiar way. Faculty and campus administrators can employ social networking as a tool for engaging students by posting relevant articles, research and websites that students are frequenting on a very regular basis. 

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

Service learning takes place outside of classrooms and includes work done by students both on and off campus tied to the curriculum by the instructor through reflective writing assignments.

Community service learing is a big part of the courses I teach. 

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