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The pre-and post test model is a system that my students are familiar with. I plan to utilize this model along with simulations to better assess they are learning off the content.

As I study each section I find myself more curious about popular games such as fortnight and World of Warcraft. Games that also facility team play have also peak my interest. I'd like to investigate the feasibility of using these games for instruction. However, Minecraft education fits the requirements for implementation into a high school classroom.

One simulation software I'll use in my class this fall is Minecraft. My goal for use in Minecraft is to teach my Students problem-solving skills. I would also like to study the feasibility of using popular games my students play that will foster their computational thinking skills for my coding class.

In my coding classes I'd like to use simulations that will allow my students to create solutions for problems. However, these simulations must be planned specifically for my student population.


hey computer science class blogging can be used to showcase coding techniques, algorithms and problem-solving. It's also a platform for students to display their apps.

Incorporating microblogging or social media use in your class takes a targeted and focused mindset to make sure it's implemented properly in your class. Using social media means that assignments should be Vetted, focused and meet specific expectations.


What are the things that I've learned from this unit is the importance of tailoring do use of social media for a specific purpose in class. The use of rubrics should be flexible to meet the needs of the assignment. Giving students options in ways that they can express themselves and your understanding of the content is key to the success of the course.


I am learning that social networking can be an effective tool in an online classroom that will enhance student learning.


Find simulations for a computer science class may be challenging. One of the ways that I can utilize labs and simulations for my CS classes is to have my students practice algorithms. Finding case that is where they can build apps to solve real-world problems can also be another area off promise.


I simulation strategy that I plan to use this fall with my classes is to host a virtual hackathon. I'll have a few challenges for my students to complete and then use peer evaluation to choose the best solution to each challenge.


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