Lesley Fielding

Lesley Fielding

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It is always important to make notes, and go back to the notes, reevaluate and fix


I learned about the varying type of student behaviors and how to deal with them accordingly


i learned how student behaviors can be held accountable by various stratagies.

Icebreakers with teamwork and movement are very important to bring anxiety down in the begining of a class


there are many simularities in elearning and classroom learning as far as behaviors of the students 


keeping the students engaged will help the collaboration and interation in the class

feedback should be encouraging and iniviting to the student....there will be a time difference when students are involved unlike in a normal classroom


It is usful to have a place where there is a forum or such that the students can engage the teacher that will help interact that not only incorporates the lessons,


You must be there both for the learning side and technical side.... also communication is key to success.


The rubric for bloging should be set up and have expectations shown so students know how they are graded.

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