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There are many tools that an instructor can use. We need to assess what the tool does and is it going to be helpful in our teaching and attaining the learning objectives. 

From this module, I have learned there are many technological tools an online instructor can use to enhance online learning. They can use blogs, virtual classrooms, wikis, online journals, and podcasts to moniter and enhance student learning. 

The most important concept I took away from this class was the use of technology tools can not only assist the student but it can also assit the instructor to facilitate the best training possible. Technology tools should be reviewed to see if they are working or altered accordingly to achieve the highest training value for the student.


Learning one's teaching style is a must to be a successful teacher. One should get collegues to sit in on his or her lectures, and also obtain feedback from his/her students. I really like the idea of asking the students what they liked the best, the least, and what they would leave in the lecture.

Technology tools are crucial to teaching in an online environment. There are many different tools available and the instructor must be comfortable using the tools to provide lessons to their students. 


Learning the differences in technology tools that a teacher can use.  The ones that really spoke to me were the virtual classroom (Elluminate and Adobe connect Professional) and the LMS tools of blackboard and moodle.  I am very interested in trying these platfomrs.  


 It is essential to make sure the appropriate function is used to meet the instructor's needs and the needs of the students while presenting the content in a format that can be used by the student & instructor

Best practice=Your teaching style/styles combined with your choice/choices of VL tools, along with mastery of both will help you become a positive evolving facilitator and increase the successfulness of a productive student learning environment with an ever-increasing percentage rate of student participation.

Selecting the appropriate technology tool is key to the student and instructors overall success. 

The tool used should fit not only the function you're wanting it to do but also the teaching method the instructor is used to using


Technology tools are very important in the online looking environment. There are many tools available. There are many tools that an instructor can use.  

There are so many different tools to be helpful in the virtual classroom. I would first ony use a couple because could get overwhelming for both you as the instructor and the students. But with that being said also have other strategies in your "virtual toolbox" to be able to bring out and use when necessary. 


There are many different teaching styles and many tools that are available. It is up to the instructor to find what works best for the class and use them well. I intend on doing that. 


The role technology places as an instructor and as a student, especially what's important. The feedback from students.



There are many technology tools available and it is important to utilize the tool that best fits the student needs and achieve the learning outcomes.


It's a good idea to look into each of the technology tools and see what they are originally intended for and see if we can find one that fits both our teaching style and the best way to deliver the content in an engaging way


It is important to experiment with different tools and get feedback from the students. As I use technology tools I am going to regularly create a discussion based on the Stop, Start, Continue concepts for furthering my teaching style. 

Learning about the tools that we have available is important to creating an engaging virtual classroom.

I learned that an instructor must taylor the needs of the students to the proper learning tools and with the appropriate teaching style